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MIE - a progressive research environment

At MIE, research and publications by staff members reflect a commitment to addressing educational needs. This includes pursuing basic research and scholarship, conducting practice-based research in light of national concerns, producing resources for teachers, and designing feedback and evaluations of courses and programmes. Recent projects have focused on inclusive education, educational disadvantage, special needs, continuing professional development, teacher education and teaching practice, mathematical knowledge for teaching, and the characteristics of teacher educators. Other research areas explored include parental involvement, early years, Gaeilge, children’s literature, religion, visual arts, SESE, physical education, and information and communications technology in education. 

Building critical mass for world class research

MIE is a teaching, learning and research community committed to promoting inclusion and excellence in education.  MIE strives to be a centre of global consequence in teaching and research in the field of education. Through collaboration and technology MIE extends its geographic boundaries to create momentum for the delivery of new, high quality, innovative programmes in education. MIE is building critical mass for world class research in partnership with others, and will foster university-school-community links that contribute to sustainable improvement and renewal across the entire education system. MIE’s commitment to excellence in pedagogical thinking and practice is core to what it does.

MIE is committed to building on and contributing to the body of research on teaching and learning, both nationally and internationally, which will be informed by an interdisciplinary approach in collaboration with others. Its staff is dedicated to the personal and professional development of its ever more diverse student body, and will ensure quality outcomes, academic rigour and scholarship underpin all aspects of teaching, learning, and assessment.

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MIE’s expertise in the area of inclusion is enriched through further research, and through the provision of education programmes that offer equality of opportunity and address challenges in relation to social disadvantage. Its programmes assist students to develop theoretical understanding and critical awareness of key issues in inclusive education, intercultural education and religious education. MIE enables its students to conduct original research in the field, thereby contributing to national and international scholarship. MIE is dedicated to nurturing and formalising its relationships with regional, national and international partners to create innovative projects, programmes and flagship research initiatives of global significance in the areas of education and inclusion.


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